Power System Design

What can you do to increase, capacity, availability and efficiency of your electric infrastructure?

It is a long way to walk before reliable information is on the table and can support a decision making.

The Electrify Networks competence team is ready to support in every stage.

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • Carinox Steel plant Belgium, SVC 180 Mvar, System design and performance study,
  • Mälarenergi Sweden CHP/WtE Renewal Project Block 6, 165MWthermal with the overall responsibility of the power system unit 6 and electrotechnical integration with the other five production unit
  • Mälarenergi Sweden CHP Block 7, 150 MWthermal, Conceptual design of overall electric power system
  • Requirement specification turnkey Shunt reactor project 220 kV, 150 Mvar.

Control and Protection Technology

Key components must be protected for the unexpected. The sizing of every component must go hand in hand with operating conditions and the level of protection. It requires eyes for the big picture and thorough experience to overview every consequence.s

The Electrify Networks competence team is ready to support in every stage

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • Song Hihn Vietnam, Relay protection setting Song Hihn Hydro power plant
  • Mälarenergi Sweden Block 6, Relay protection setting 145 kV-0.4 kV, cable sizing

Electric Machines Technology

Power transformers, shunt reactors, generators and motors are key components in the power industry.

Availability, efficiency and life cycle cost are cruisal factors.  Correct loss evaluations secure that the unit has the best economic performance as well as a minimum environmental footprint (CO2 emissions).

The Electrify Networks competence team is ready to support in every step from requirement specification to final inspection on site.

  • Requirements specification
  • Quality and production audit of supplier
  • Evaluation of tender
  • Technical responsible project manager
  • Design review
  • Active part inspection
  • Factory Inspecion Testing (FAT)
  • Site inspection (SAT)
  • Warranty inspection

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • Requirement specification Shunt reactors 220 kV, 150 Mvar.
  • Requirement specification Power transformers 220/110/30 kV, 200 MVA for Substations
  • Complete delivery from requirement specification to warranty inspection for more than 40 transformers to Ellevio, ranging from 10 to 420 kV, 6 to 750 MVA. Largest unit Torpberget 415/140 kV, 750 MVA.
  • Hrauneyjafoss Iceland, 3×81.5 MVA Feasibility study of rehab/upgrade Generator inspection, condition assessment. Elaboration of rehabilitation scenarios coordinated with turbine actions
  • Alto Maipo, Las Lajas Chile, Design review Hyrdo power generator 2×154 MVA

Project Management

A project manager service supplied by Electrify Networks shall be expected include competence of electrical power systems and components. Not only with the individual but also from the team. Every project has different scope and requires different project management characteristics. Electrify Networks are convinced that projects with high content of electrical complexity are efficiently project managed with power experience.

Electrify Networks competence team is ready to support for every scope.

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • SVK Sweden 400/220 kV substation
  • Vattenfall Sweden 200 kV Substation adapted for Wind power connection
  • Luleå Kraft Sweden, turbogenerator stator replacement, 115 MVA
  • Sweden, renewal of station control/relay protection 3 substations 70/20/10 kV

Electrical Construction Management

For big projects with extensive and complexed electrical scope, Electrify Networks provide experienced technical project management to secure the technical scope. The process of design review are more or less be supported by the Electrify Networks team depending on each situation.

The Electrify Networks competence team is ready adapt and secure quality in the scope.

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • 220 kV Cable connection, Adaption scope 220 kV Substation.
  • 220 kV Shunt reactor 150 Mvar and rebuilding of substation for connection.

Commissioning Management

Testing and energization is complex task that puts high requirement on the commissioning team. Protect person and property are dominating factors together with technical skill and management. Electrify Networks provide different commissioning resources.

The Electrify Networks competence team is ready adapt and secure quality in the scope.

Electrify Networks, examples of assignments

  • Commissioning manager/Deputy site manager, Ringhals 3 and 4 nuclear power plants. Replacement of steam turbines, B o P, generators, transformers and control equipment
  • Commissioning manager, Båtfors Sweden, Upgrading of turbines and generators. control system for the entire plant. relay protection, turbine governors.
  • Commissioning engineer Uri Hydro Power Project, India. turn-key hydro po wer plant with 4 x 120 MW, power transformers, GIS-switchgear, ABB relay protection, control system